Grape Harvest 2015, quality, quantity and great passion


That special sticky feeling of grapes just picked, of bunches which, gripped by hands, shine before being shallowed up by gin grapes. Grape harvest is a custom, a ritual, an art, a passion which underlines the beginning of wine season at “La Carraia”.

Vineyards liven up with smiles and hopes. Grapes trasform themselves into wine, gathering the wisdom and the precision of a product which born from work on the lines and from the expertise in cellar.

The different kind of grapes are finished in order to produce a vast range of wines of La Carraia which, according to some forecast, is expected to have a good quality once the wine will be bottled.

All we can do is to enjoy these days of grape harvest and to wait for the first bottles which will come on the tables of those people who love wines and of those who, with the wines of La Carraia, want to taste flavours and wines of Orvieto.